Friday, 7 March 2014

Free Templates – Templatesofty

Templatesofty has come up with more free templates related to different categories.  Everyone is free to use this wide range of professionally pre-designed website templates. Why our free templates are different from other website template is that they are totally free to download and you may use them for your own personal requirements at absolutely no cost. Templatesofty deals in different template categories such as Architecture, Christmas, Career, Health, Architecture, Tour and travel templates, Media, Music, News, Sports, Restaurants, Internet, Industrial, Furniture, Fashion Templates and many more.  These are developed by our professional designers with their extra effort. Make sure you don’t resell our free templates further to your clients or include them into your own design portfolio. 

How to Download Free template at Templatesofty?

It is very easy to download these templates from Templatesofty. First of all, go to our main site and click on free templates. You will land on a page that includes only free templates related to different categories. Pick one best suit to your requirements. Choose free download option from three options available there i.e. Free download, Regular download and Buy out Full download. A new window box will appear, enter your name and email address. You will receive a link of the downloaded template in your email. Now, you can get access to that template by just confirming the link in your email. You are free to use this downloaded template in your own project. And also Templatesofty includes frequently asked questions and contact section for any kind of help and query.

Common Features of Web Templates of Templatesofty:
  • Unique & Relevant Logo
  • Relevant Showcase
  • Navigation Bar
  • Cross browser compatible
  • User Friendly
  • Customizable Content Area
  • PSD files are included
  • Social Media Options
  • Editable Columns Layout
  • Relevant Images, Buttons & Many More
Here are few of our free templates that offers:

medical templates
Exercise template
Medical Responsive bootstrap Template
download now that all amazing templates at:

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

All about CSS Templates

It is important to know about CSS before understanding what CSS template is and what its benefits are. It is simple and very easy to apply the same page layout at all stages of a site with the help of CSS template by just creating and filling in content according to the requirements.

What is the purpose of CSS?

World Wide Web Consortium, designed CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) and included it in HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) to work out on a problem of writing extensive HTML code for every page available on the website. 

What are the main functions of CSS?

It is an extra file that gives directions to a browser to how to present its HTML. One CSS file can be connected to numerous HTML files under similar graphical layout. 

What are Free CSS Templates?

CSS templates are pre-designed files that describe the look of content that is produced by user on a page. It consists of fundamental layout settings, frames, headings, menus, etc. With the help of these templates you can direct your html files to connect to a CSS template to give a similar look to each page. 

Benefits of CSS Templates

Free CSS Templates are money and time saving as you can customize the content and structure of content, i.e. CSS files. You don’t need to modify parameters within each HTML document so as to get similar files.